Saturday, March 5, 2011


We say we are passionate about many things ....but TRUE passion is something you would die for. The one thing you have to do in this life...need to do. I enjoy many things, and at one point in my life called them "passions" , but how many of those things would I die for ? To be honest,not many.
What would you give your life for ? What do you devote your time to ?
I love music, I love helping people, I love my pupcake, Cupid, I love my family, I love making a difference in the lives of others. I enjoy my work ( most of the time :D ).
But, the one thing I am most passionate about, something I would die for...something I have already died for, is my Jesus. I chose to die to myself, and continually choose to die to self , so that I decrease and my Lord increases. To know Him, to love Him, to share Him with others....that is what I am passionate about. He gave His life for me so that I may LIVE .... how many people do you know would do that for you ?

Give me one pure and Holy passion,
give me one magnificent obsession,
give me glorious ambition for my life,
To KNOW and FOLLOW hard after You
to know and follow hard after You,
to grow as Your disciple in Your TRUTH,
this world is empty,pale, and poor,
compared to knowing You my Lord,
LEAD me on and I will follow after You,
Jesus, lead me on and I follow after You

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