Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's been awhile. I feel like so many things have gone on. Changed. Still yet, many things remain the same.

*** this was a draft for awhile, so if it feels like I am talking about summer like it was yesterday, it's because at the time I originally wrote this, summer WAS yesterday :D ****

It's been a great summer! Long, lazy days by the pool. Family. Friends. Spur of the moment trips to places not so close to home. Changes ...

Changes are bittersweet for me. We moved alot when I was young,so change was inevitable. So I learned to enjoy the challenges of moving-new rooms to decorate, new friends, new schools. But the very things I looked forward to, I also was apprehensive about. This is probably why I am so good at just walking up to people and introducing myself, saying hi, etc. I guess it's a sink or swim kinda' deal ... I chose to swim :)

This summer was no exception. We as people tend to just fall into a rhythm of things. It's easy. it's comfortable. And again, as people, we are creature of habit and comfort :)

I guess that's why I am a bit bittersweet about seeing this summer come to and end. Now, normally, I greet fall with open arm, as I hate the humidity of summer, but I'm not as anxious this time around. My beautiful, loving nieces are turning eight and nine. My most handsomest little "nephew" turned one. I said so-long to my "adoptive" brother as he headed off to college. Maybe it's me being hormonal, or maybe it's the fact that I turned 30, but I am just having a harder time with theses types of things lately.

All of these birthdays, graduations, people moving are reminders to me of how precious our relationships are... of how precious our time is.

I don't regret loving people. I don't regret building relationships, however long or short-lived they are. I won't take back a second by the pool. A second on the phone. or on FB connecting with those I care about....... I wont take back the late nights, the early mornings , the long car trips, the long lazy days, texting, the short weekends, the laughter, and even the tears.

Life is short. I am trying to make memories here, people ;)