Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Can you imaginge what it would have been like to walk hand in hand in the Garden with the Creator of the universe .... the One who breathed life into your very existence ?
That's the way it was meant to be. A relationship so close that we couldn't fathom His great LOVE for us.... it would be undeniable. We couldn't look away from his beautiful face. That is the realtionship I want with my God.
Close. Intimate. Breath taking. Awesome. Unity. Filling my needs. Praising His Glory. Tears. Laughter. Sacrifice.
I want this....I crave this.
What would we do to have this? It is free to us, all we need to do is accept it. He is waiting with arms open wide...ready to hold you in His arms. To hold your hand. To breathe life into you.
What do I need to do to make this relationship go the distance ?

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