Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dependence on Him

My Power flows freely into weak ones aware of their need for Me.
So take heart: Though the journey your on is one of faltering steps, such steps of dependence are links to My presence.

Today you feel the journey more than usual. It's a challenge to take the next step- and all too easy to be aware of your neediness. Sometimes you get discouraged about your ongoing weakness. You know that dependence on Me brings spiritual blessings, yet at times, you feel trapped by your limitations. Only the knowledge that I am with you keeps you out of the pit of despair.
Awareness of your need for Me is what creates a strong connection to my Presence. My power flows into you continually; It gives you strength to take the next step, strength to resist discouragement and despair, and strength to know me in intimate dependence. Only My Power can enable you to lie abundantly in the midst of your limitations. Your day-to-day perseverance , in dependence on me, is every bit as supernatural as an outright miracle. So please don't think that your difficulties signify lack of faith or lack of blessing .... They are means to help you stay on the path I have chosen for you.

Because you are My beloved child, I choose to bless you, but I bless you in ways that are unique to your needs and My design for you. Though the way before you may be steep and rocky, it is nonetheless the path of Life. This is where you encounter My luminous Presence - radiating Peace that transcends all understanding

This was an excerpt form a devotional book I love. And to be honest, have entirely forgotten about until the last few days. My general neediness is bringing about my deep-seated need and hunger for my Lord to bring about contentment in my heart. My need for some soothing of the soul..... my general overall need for the One who saves <3

I soooo very much needed this tonight. Its kinda funny in a way: I never question my God, yet find myself struggling with feelings of inadequacy and the feeling of being alone. Knowing full well that I am neither. Yet I feel guilty for feeling the way I do. I feel guilty that I get sad over not being married. Or being a mother. Or the fact that I live in this house... by myself... just me and Cupid ... and feeling completely aware of just how needy I really am.

But alas, God's promises never change. His love for me continues. His desire to hold my heart remains. His need to be strong when I am ever so weak still stands.

Its funny, really. People ask if I am ever angry with God. How could I be ? He gave me this life and everything in it. I am blessed to have what I do have, and have no real rights to what happens. I do, however, have the option of choosing His will over mine. really ? like there really is any other choice ...

I choose Him.
I choose Love.
I choose Peace that surpasses all understanding

In the meantime, God can deal with me and my heart how He sees fit. To mold and shape me into the woman He would have me to be. Weeding things out , and planting in some new things.
Again, weeding can be a painful process.
But, being purified by fire makes things new and beautiful ....

And I will take that any day.

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  1. Don't let ANYTHING or ANYONE try to mess up your connection between you and God. I have been struggling this week as well. The question " If I am REALLY following what God wants me to do, shouldn't I be doing something TOTALLY awesome and changing the world??? Today is a new day and I am going to try to look for those opportunities to do something great! Love you girlie!!!